The Role of RHQ AMS
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This page contains documents relating to AGM minutes and accounts for the RAMC Association.

RAMC Charity Report & Accounts For the Year Ended 31st December 2015


RAMC Association Accounts For the Year Ended 31st December 2014



RAMC Association Annual General Meeting 13th May 2015

 AGM Minutes 2015


RAMC Association Senior Standard Bearers Report 2014/15

 Standard Bearers Report

RHQ AMS Mission Statement

To provide a focus for all Regimental and Association matters and to manage MOD resources and personnel within RHQ as directed by DGAMS and in line with the military covenant.


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RHQ AMS is made up of four Regimental HQs, all run and financed separately and all Sovereign Corps with Royal warrants. RAMC, RAVC, RADC, QARANC. Each RHQ works by Corps functions and to their individual Corps Directors. Some other staff work by function as far as possible.