The Role of the RHQ RAMC
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Duke of Gloucester

HRH The Duke of Gloucester
Colonel in Chief RAMC

RHQ RAMC Mission Statement

To provide a focus for all Regimental matters and to manage all resources and personnel within RHQ including RAMC Charity employees and Civil Servants.


Major (Retd) Marie Ellis -Regt Sec RAMC -
Mrs Emma Tatman - Benevolence Manager & Office Manager -
Mrs Sarah Parry - Charity Secretary & Events -
Mrs Lucie Hamman - Administration & Drummond -

Regimental Secretary RAMC; Tasks

  • Direct the use of all resources to develop a Corps ethos. Work in line with the Objects of The RAMC Charity and work closely with the RAMC Association to support their Mission.
  • Support to the 4 pillars (Regular, Reserves, Cadets, Veterans) and their families for benevolence, welfare support on ops and at home in line with the Military Covenant.
  • Manage all Regt Events, Funds, Property in accordance with SORP.
  • Maintain an income stream through Pay Roll giving.
  • Provide communication with the wider regimental family by producing a calendar of events annually.
  • Provide Secretariat for Cols Comdt and coordinate all Cols in Chief Matters, arrange and lead on all visits.
  • Provide aftercare for those injured on ops and arrange funerals and repatriations.
  • Brief all EOCs, Cadets, newly appointed Commanding Officers and RSMs on the role of RHQ.
  • Advise on ceremonial matters, customs and Dress.

2024 Council of Colonels Commandant RAMC

Brigadier Martin Nadin OBE - (Rep Col Comdt 24)
Major General Alan Hawley CBE - Col Comdt
Brigadier Chris Parker CBE - Col Comdt
Brigadier Robin Simpson - Col Comdt

Trustees of The RAMC Charity

Brigadier M Nadin - Chair and Ex Officio (Rep Col Comdt)
Maj Gen A Hawley - Ex Officio (Col Comdt)
Brigadier P Carter - Ex Officio (Col RAMC)
Brigadier C Parker - Ex Officio (Col Comdt)
Brig R Simpson - Ex Officio (Col Comdt)
Maj M Ellis - Ex Officio (Regt Sec)
WO1 J Loy - Ex Officio (Rep Sgt Maj)
Colonel K Millar - Independent (Chair Association)
Colonel S Mellor - Independent (Chair Benevolence)

The RAMC Charity (No:112091)


The RAMC Charity will promote the efficiency of the Army and in particular the RAMC to:

  • Maintain contact between past and present members.
  • Foster esprit 'de Corps' through social gatherings, comradeship and welfare.
  • Preserve the traditions of the RAMC.
  • Promote medical research.
  • Relive past and present members of the RAMC and their dependents who are in need by virtue of financial hardship, sickness, age and disability.
  • The Charity will operate as set out in its governing document.

The RAMC Association

William Boog LeishmanIn 1925, the RAMC Association was formed to further the camaraderie of WW1 Corps veterans with Sir William Leishman being the first President. There are now some 25 branches around UK with a predominantly veteran membership although most serving Corps members also are members centrally. The Association has traditionally been supported by Corps Funds and especially for the expenses of the branch standards and standard bearers.