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Sadly, because of Covid-19, the Chelsea Flower Show 2020 has been cancelled. This has left us with a bit of a conundrum as, of course, there is a long preparation time to plan and grow such a Garden as the RAMC one scheduled for this year's Show and which features in our Events notices. So this week the BBC is featuring a number of virtual gardens and horticultural features from elsewhere and the past to fill the media gap.

The future of our own Garden is at present uncertain and we will get back to our website visitors when the way ahead is clear. All is not lost, far from it, as a number of preparations can mark time and be brought back into action at a subsequent date. The RAMC Charity is taking stock of its next moves and will come to a conclusion on the way ahead when a number of factors become clearer. The Royal Horticultural Society is asking us back for the 2021 Show. However, it can be stated that we have found a permanent home at a highly suitable venue for the Garden which was planned for after this year's Show and looks still very possible that even a year's delay won't spoil that chance. We may decide, though, to go direct to that option when we have a better picture of all the financial implications for 2021

The Royal Army Medical Corps, formed in 1898, has served the nation proudly during two World wars and through more recent conflicts where it has provided a level of care for the wounded unsurpassed in the history of medicine. We have been at the forefront of the science and art of rehabilitation for the seriously injured, who have survived because of the battlefield endeavours of our committed and selfless medics.

The garden, in many forms, has been present throughout our timeline – whether to grow vegetables in static WW1 trenches on the Somme, or through the development of modern-day pharmaceuticals, our story is entwined. More pertinently the garden can provide a safe haven for the combat stressed, a place to aid healing and adjust to life after returning from war.

With these parallels in mind, the RAMC Garden tells of our unique and compelling history; a homage to the courageous service men and women who have cared for the wounded, beyond rank or status.

Designed to be a calming space symbolising the concentration of a medic on their patient amongst the chaos of conflict, a series of impressive Carpinus ‘boxheads’ flank the perimeter of a peaceful courtyard, framing vistas into and through the garden. Effortless hardscape transitions and level changes made from Portland stone subtly guide the eye helping visitors to imagine meandering through the garden.

The gentle sound of moving water (a nod to the humanitarian efforts of the corps) adds a calming ambiance enhancing the effect of the texture-filled and elegant planting palette. Herbs and other medicinal plants feature strongly.

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