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    If your enquiry is regarding membership, please visit our Membership Enquiry page where our form is designed to capture the details that we need to consider you for membership.

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    The Association does not hold any records of personnel. If you are looking in respect of an office/other ranks record of service in WW2 and later please use the following link our Frequently Asked Questions page which contains links to resources to enable your research. You MUST know the service number of the person whose record you are applying for, this can sometimes be found on the rim of medals.

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The RAMC Association

William Boog LeishmanIn 1925, the RAMC Association was formed to further the camaraderie of WW1 Corps veterans with Sir William Leishman being the first President. There are now some 25 branches around UK with a predominantly veteran membership although most serving Corps members also are members centrally. The Association has traditionally been supported by Corps Funds and especially for the expenses of the branch standards and standard bearers.