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Some of you may have been following, the story from India about the church and grave of Mary Weston at  the old Dagshai cantonement. The following message has now been recieved from the Indian museum autorities at Dagshai.

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I am delighted to inform you that the restoration work on Mary Weston's grave is now complete. Photographs are attached. You will note the protective cage and the metal roofing made to protect the grave. We have tried our very best to make it as near as possible to the original.

On June 25th at 5 pm we have planned a brief ceremony at the site where priests from Dagshai, Kasauli and Chandigarh will invite blessings of the Almighty in the presence of the Brigade Commander and the Commanding Officer, Dagshai.

Warm regards,

Anand Sethi

Mary Rebecca Westo grave restored June 2017 3


By a curious coincidence, the following enquiry has been received. If anyone can provide more information, please contact the webmaster.

In 2005 I found a photograph of Mary Weston's grave in my late father's effects. My uncle had served in Dagshai in 1915-16 with the Dorset Regt. I have been exploring the family but have had little success with descendants. Is there a copy of George Weston's career - as he was listed in London Gazette 1 January 1918. I wondered if he had worked with Dorsets - or been sent to other War Zones

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