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A United Kingdom medical contingent from 16 Med Regt has opened a Level Two hospital facility in Bentiu, in support of the UN mission in South Sudan (UNMISS). While the facility will not treat local people in the area, due to limited resources and limited capacity, it will provide medical care to over 1,800 military and civilian UN staff working in a remote location. This will give UN staff and troops peace of mind knowing that they will receive treatment if they are injured or fall ill and allow them to concentrate on their mission to protect and support the people of South Sudan and bring peace to the region.

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The hospital has out-patient and in-patient services, a surgical theatre, X-ray and head CT scanner, dental and laboratory facilities, wards including an isolation facility and aero-medical evacuation.
A Royal Engineer unit, which has a three-year commitment to UNMISS in both Malakal and Bentiu, prepared the site for the hospital. The seventy-eight medical staff from16 Med Regt, including clinicians specialising in different fields, got it up and running and are now in the process of handing it over to 33 Fd Hosp who will run it for the next six months. The tented hospital will be replaced with a permanent structure in summer 2018.

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