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From early March 2020 RHQ will move in entirety from its current location on the ground floor to the second floor of Robertson House occupying Rooms 212 (Regt Sec RAMC office) to 217. We will be collocated with Corps Col and AMS Support Unit. It will take us a little time to be up and running but we hope that there will be minimal disruption of service.

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HQ AMS are now just one of the lodger Units and the Building will be under control of an Army 2 star (non AMS) who is Head of International Training. There will be a rebalancing of chattels so the footprint on the ground floor will change and will no longer carry our wall coverings or paintings. I am hoping to move at least some of them to the second floor.

Currently there is no lift in this building so there will be challenges as we are up four flights of stairs. We are hoping that this will be resolved soon. The Library is now closed to us and will be used for another organisation as will one of the meeting rooms which will become an office.

Presently HQ Messes will remain here and I will let you know if this changes. We are currently able to retain the Medal Room so that will still be the venue for most RHQ meetings and Rawlinson and McGrigor should still be bookable in advance.

It is the end of an era but I am determined that there will be no lesser service provided, it will be Business as Usual. All phone numbers will remain the same.

We will embrace this change positively ( we already have much better offices on the new site) and I look forward to showing you around our new home.


In Arduis Fidelis

Marie Ellis