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My name is Florrie Crass and I organise poetry events and Zoom groups for the online platform Home Stage.

With the Blakeney Cley and District branch of the Royal British Legion I am running a 'Poetry in the Armed Forces' Zoom series. The groups are designed for anyone in or associated with the Armed Forces to meet, share their experiences, find mutual support, and get creative with poetry. Completely free to attend, we are welcoming those in and associated with the Armed Forces from across the country, of all poetry experiences and levels of ability.

The group is a discursive, honest environment spurred on by the creativity of poetry, where attendees have felt able to open up about the struggles they face; including trauma, grief, and attempting to readjust to civilian life after leaving the Forces. The camaraderie and tight-knit characteristics of the Forces community are reflected in the frankness, laughter and mutual support that drive the group.

For more details, please visit our Home Stage page.