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'In the footsteps of a WWII army doctor’ is a memoir based on the diaries and letters of Kenneth Hulbert, who served in the Royal Army Medical Corps. Written by his daughter Anne, it covers dealing with casualties from the Battle of Britain, performing surgery on an ambulance train in Sudan, living through the Quit India riots in Poona, treating wounded soldiers from the Burma campaign and building a bamboo hospital in East Bengal (now Bangladesh) during the catastrophic Bengal famine of 1943 when three million died of starvation. The book describes some of the characters he met – the German pilot who was told that if the British operated on him he would never wake up (he survived), ‘Smiler’ the Sudanese waiter, the Italian prisoners of war who said, “We want to make love, not war” and the brave Gurkhas who never complained of pain. More than 40 years later his daughter retraced his steps, in Egypt, Sudan, India and Bangladesh, where she found the island where he had built the hospital in Cox’s Bazar.

“The author carefully weaves together the story of her father Kenneth Hulbert during the war, with other testimonies to provide a perfect read, which is beautifully written. The story is set in India, Sudan, and Egypt, with the author offering her own commentary from her travels to these countries. This is a highly original and absorbing book”. Sir Anthony Seldon, contemporary historian, and political biographer.

You can buy the book or download it on Amazon. ‘In the footsteps of a WWII army doctor. Memoirs of a wartime doctor in the Royal Army Medical Corps based on the diaries and letters of Kenneth Hulbert FRCS’

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April 2024