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The LGBT Veterans Independent Review has now been published. LGBT Veterans Independent Review

The link below is the UKSC page, but hold many links within offering support and guidance.

Lord Etherton Independent Review – Offering Support and Guidance

From a quick read through, the main helpful elements are contained in the link below:

LGBT veterans: support and next steps - GOV.UK (

Those impacted by the ban may be entitled to the services listed below, which can be applied for and sourced immediately.


Information on services available and restorative measures


  • Armed forces veterans badge application form – all veterans who served for at least one day are eligible, regardless of the circumstances around leaving.
  • Disregards and pardons for those convicted of same-sex sexual offences – application form and guidance on applying for a disregard and pardon of convictions for decriminalised sexual offences.
  • Military Awards Commemorations – guidance on how to apply for the restoration of Military Medals that were withheld or withdrawn on the basis of sexuality.
  • Armed forces pensions – you may be eligible if you are a former member of the armed forces. Please read detailed breakdowns of all the schemes, legislation, or use the pension calculator.
  • Wearing uniform – Veterans impacted by the ban have the same limited rights to wear uniform as any other veteran when authorised. Any historic orders or correspondence to the contrary should be disregarded.
  • Veterans’ Gateway – information, advice and support for veterans and their families, including housing, mental wellbeing, finances and more.


Veterans support



Information about the LGBT Veterans Independent Review


  • About the review – information, terms of reference, frequently asked questions and background and legal context on the historic policy.


Related information


In accordance with extant Association Rules and endorsed by the National Chairman, Mr Ian Hooper (Essex Br Chair) has been nominated as the new Regional Representative for London and East Anglia. As per Association Rules, his tenure will be for 3 years from 25 July 2023.

We wish Ian every success going forward.

The 2023 Annual AMS WOs’ & Sgts’ Past & Present Conference & Reunion Dinner will take place on Fri 29 Sep 23 at 1 Military Working Dogs Regiment, WOs’ and Sgts’ Mess, North Luffenham

Attached is the Admin Instruction for the event which provides further details. Please note that the use of Eventbrite for ticket purchases has been used to assist the committee with the organisation of this event. Download Admin Instructions here.

Action –

On 1 July 2023 at 1100hrs (BST) a ceremony took place at the gravesides throughout the world of 18 Victoria Crosses awarded to those serving in the antecedents of the Royal Irish Regiment.

This ceremony included the grave of Lt Edgar Inkson VC DSO RAMC at Brookwood Cemetery. Lt Inkson was serving as the Regimental Medical Officer to the Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers during the Anglo Boer War when on 24 February 1900 he carried 2nd Lieutenant Devenish (who was severely wounded and unable to walk) for three or four hundred yards, under a heavy fire, to a place of safety. The ground over which Lieutenant Inkson had to move was much exposed, there being no cover available.

He was awarded a Victoria Cross for his bravery notified in the London Gazette of 15 January 1901.

On his death on 19 February 1947 he was cremated and his ashes buried in the family grave alongside his father, Surgeon Major General James Inkson.

The wreath was laid by Pete Starling.

More information about Medical VCs can be found on this website in our Medical VC's Section

More information specifically about Lt Edgar Inkson can be found in the above section here: Lt Edgar Inkson

The RAMC Association

William Boog LeishmanIn 1925, the RAMC Association was formed to further the camaraderie of WW1 Corps veterans with Sir William Leishman being the first President. There are now some 25 branches around UK with a predominantly veteran membership although most serving Corps members also are members centrally. The Association has traditionally been supported by Corps Funds and especially for the expenses of the branch standards and standard bearers.