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1. Issue. The Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst (RMAS) will host the Women 100 (W100) Past and Present Supper as part of ongoing celebrations to mark one hundred years of women serving in the Army.

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2. Audience. All current and veteran service women, regular or reserve, any rank, any capbadge.

3. Aim. To bring together female veterans, currently serving women and those that represent the future of the Army from UOTCs in order to share experiences and celebrate how far the Army has progressed as an employer of young women today.

4. Key Points:
• The dinner will take place on 9 Dec 17 at 1915hrs in the Indian Army Memorial Room and Old College Dining Room, RMAS for up to 200 women.
• Attendance is limited to 100 veterans and 100 currently serving and potential recruits at a cost of £45 per head.
• Dress is black tie, medals are at the discretion of the individual.
• There will be media and memorabilia displays depicting past and current events service life and how it has changed.
• Various entertainments including vignettes, music and a keynote speech will take place throughout the evening.
• All administration of the event will be coordinated through The Sandhurst Trust.
5. Attendance. Those wishing to attend should visit the following links that The Sandhurst Trust are coordinating on behalf of RMAS. The first link is for those currently serving W100 Past & Present (Serving) and the following link is for veterans W100 Past & Present (Veteran).

6. Accommodation & Feeding. All details are contained within the web page at the links above.

7. Timings. The event is programmed to commence at 1915 hours and finish NLT 2330 hours on Sat 9 Dec 17