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During the occupation of post-World War II Germany, the Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies' railway, road and canal access to the sectors of Berlin under Western control.

Britain and it allies responded by initiating the largest airlift in history, flying more than 270,000 relief misions into Tempelhof Airport, delivering over 1,500,000 tons of coal, food and essential supplies to save the inhabitants of West Berlin.

At one minute after midnight on 12 May 1949, the Soviets lifted their barricades and restored access to West Berlin. The breaking of the blockade was the first great humanitarian operation carried out by Britain and its allies.

On Sunday 12 May, marking the 70th Aniversary of the end of the Berlin Blockade, The Royal British Legion will be hosting a lunch reception at the IWM Duxford for Veterans and guests to honour their service and heroism.

Guests will have the opportunity to view concurrent commemoration in Berlin at Tempelhof Airport and have time to explore the IWM Duxford and its numerous aircraft, many of which are of significance to the Berlin Airlift.

Registration for this event, organised by the Royal British Legion is now open, and we encourage associations to share this widely to ensure we reach as many veterans as possible.


Veterans and guests can register here.

The RAMC Association

William Boog LeishmanIn 1925, the RAMC Association was formed to further the camaraderie of WW1 Corps veterans with Sir William Leishman being the first President. There are now some 28 branches around UK with a predominantly veteran membership although most serving Corps members also are members centrally. The Association has traditionally been supported by Corps Funds and especially for the expenses of the branch standards and standard bearers.