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Brig MacMillan

It is a great privilege to have been appointed as Chairman of the RAMC Association for the next 5 years and I look forward very much to rising to the challenge of leading the Association effectively during my tenure. It is a mighty organization first setup by the then DGAMS, Sir William Leishman, in 1925 and still encompasses some 28 Branches including one in Cyprus.

I fully realize that the Association is essentially an ageing one and that younger soldiers today find other ways and means to communicate and socialize with each other. Even though all serving members of the Corps are Association members, we have seen fewer of them joining us on their retirement. Many don’t know what the Association does and how it can help them after their service. So my initial main effort will be to explore better mechanisms of communication with the serving Regular and Territorial personnel. We need to make those isolated instances of interaction between units and Association Branches the norm across our network. I also believe we need to get together better with other organisations that serve the ex-RAMC community like RAMC Re-United and explore how we can cooperate better to mutual advantage.

Now the life-blood of the Association is its Branches. The Branches are where our membership resides and functions. So I am also looking at how the Association’s Executive Committee can assist Branches more, physically and financially, to aid the lot of the membership.

I look forward to getting around the Branches during my stint and to meeting as many members as possible. I hope many of you can continue to support such gatherings as Corps Sunday, the Annual Service and AGM at the National Arboretum and Remembrance Sunday. We had 16 Standard Bearers on parade at the Arboretum recently so let’s aim at increasing this for the remaining central functions this year.

In Arduis Fidelis,
Alistair Macmillan
May 2019

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