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If you have a Service connection with the RAMC, we hope that having read our web site, you will want to join the Association. The RAMC Association is maintained by Full and Associate membership which must be renewed annually. Full membership is for people who are serving or who have served with the RAMC and Associate, is, literally, for anyone who has, now or in the past, been associated with the RAMC. For example, this could include members of other corps who have served with or alongside RAMC units and wives and partners of members; it is left up to the local Branch to decide who they will take as Associate Members.

You can now join on line on payment of £5 one off admin charge. Your chosen branch may have an annual membership fee which is additional to the admin charge.

What you need to fill out the on-line join form:

1. Choose the branch you wish to join from the list below:-

  1. English Branches

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  2. Scottish Branches

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  3. Welsh Branches

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  4. NI Branches

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(Enter : Association HQ Branch for those that do not wish/are unable to attend meetings/overseas members)

2. Choose the type of membership

Full Membership - All Serving And Retired members of the RAMC (Regular and Reserve).
Associate Membership – Family and Friends of Serving or Retired members of the RAMC (Regular and Reserve), or other Regiments or Corps who have had close links with the RAMC.

3. Have your service details to hand

4. Have a passport photo of yourself stored on your PC

5. Have credit/debit card/PayPal details