Message form the National Chair – Personal Behaviour
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In recent months, the behaviour of a few individuals towards others has fallen short of what is expected. I ask all of you, whether holding office or just members of the Association, to consider the following points when addressing others, either face to face or online:

  • Politeness is free; you will catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
  • We are all volunteers; consider that before a verbal attack or an aggressive email.
  • Harassment leading to resignation is counterproductive. Volunteers are hard to find.
  • Membership eligibility is laid down in the Association Rules, not at Branch level.
  • In any interface with other organisations, you represent the RAMC Association; any ill-considered behaviour brings the Association into disrepute.
  • Consider how you would feel if you received an aggressive email or harsh words.
  • Don’t react in anger, but with a considered response.
  • Pause and think before you press “send”. If in doubt, sleep on it.

I draw everyone’s attention to the Safeguarding and Personal Conduct Guidance document. It has been distributed to all Branches and is readily accessible on the Association website.

I am disappointed to have to make these observations to an Association established to maintain camaraderie between individuals who have served with the RAMC. Its current objectives include fostering esprit de corps and comradeship. A few individuals need reminding to behave in that spirit of comradeship. To get a point across it is not necessary to be aggressive or adopt a harassing or bullying tone. Most of you seem to be able to follow this, but a minority are fouling our nest by using unnecessary and inappropriate language and attitudes.

Col (Retd) Ken Millar
National Chair
RAMC Association
4 Apr 2024